Evening a la carte menu

EVENING A la carte menu


Tagessuppe --Homemade soup of the day                                                       £4.20

Wurstsalat --A tasty salad of strips of german sausage,tomatoes&

                      onion in a light mayonnaise                                                            £4.50

Gulaschsuppe --homemade spicy beef and paprika soup--  a                classic !                                                                                                                 £4.40                                               

Schinkenrolle -- premium german smoked ham, rolled & filled with a             £4.25        

                            mixed vegeatable salad                                                          

Panierte Champignons -- juicy breaded garlic   mushrooms with a tasty dip       £4.20                  

 Mayonnaise Ei -- Egg mayonnaise "austrian" style                                           £3.80

Main courses

All served with a delicious selection of vegetables

Wiener Schnitzel -- Classic escalope of Pork Fillet, breaded & deep fried                                                                                                                                       £10.20

Rindsgulasch -- Chunks of tender beef in a spicy paprika sauce & bread dumpling                                                                                                                                £10.10

Lammkeule -- braised shank of lamb in  minted gravy,tender and

 dropping off the bone                                                                                                        £14.55

Schollefillet -- 230+g thick whole fillet of Plaice breaded & deep       fried                                                                    £8.90

Paprika Schnitzel --Pork fillet escalopes, in a mild  creamy        paprika sauce                                                                                                                                                                                              £9.95


Backhendl -- 1/2 a large chicken on the bone, breaded and deep fried                        £9.00


Szegedinerkrautfleisch -- Lean diced leg of pork cooked together with sauerkraut & a mild paprika  & sour cream sauce served with a bread dumpling... a dish from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire!   


Schnitzel Cordon Bleu -- Pork fillet stuffed with emmentaler cheese and ham, breaded & deep fried                                                                                                                                        £11.00

Geschnetzeltes Rindfleisch -- "stroganoff style" strips of beef in a mushroom and paprika sauce                                                                                                                                      £9.90

Schweinsbraten -- Thick slices of roast loin of pork delicately seasoned with caraway & garlic served with tasty homemade "real" gravy and a bread dumpling to "mop it up"                             £9.90

Bratwurst mit Kraut -- Traditional German fried sausage served with mild     sauerkraut                                                                                                                             £8.00

 Vegetarian dish of the day                                                                                                 £8.95


A choice of mouthwatering sweets is always available including homemade applestrudel and ice cream sundaes using  high quality european icecreams!


(prices and dishes may vary without prior notice.please mention any special needs on booking. Dishes may have been prepared with nuts or nut related products.)