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You'll all be shocked that i am on here.......we have a facebook page where I usually post and keep everyone informed!    Krampus bookings went mad this year before I could phone most people on my really sorry if you have missed out. Two nights have limited if you need more info.

Frei has been non stop this year, starting with painting the restaurant and cleaning the carpet, then painting the kitchen and storerooms. This was followed, after a roof repair, painting all the outside of the building.....has he had time to cook you are asking?!  YES !!!. Not bad for a pensioner lol!
We have had Austrian visitors 4 times since April so have not managed a holiday or even thought about planning one....never mind will soon be christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Otherwise not much has changed......3 lovely girls working here at the moment much appreciated by us and our lovely customers.

I'm still crafting but  haven't even started my christmas cards, crocheted toys going well as are bags but don't seem to be selling as many as before...never mind just keep feeding the addiction!

Feeling a bit guilty as customers keep asking if I have a blog!! My excuse is that we have a facebook site, although to be fair I haven't been updating that either Ho! Ho!

We've had a bit of a staff change over in the last few weeks, although one girl left and came straight back, so far we seem to have dropped really lucky again. The two new girls, Chloe and Charlotte are lovely, keen pretty young with energy and excellent customer skills.

We've just had a flying visit by our freinds from Absam near Innsbruck, managed to spend a day in Liverpool, their favourite, and @ Chester Zoo which was rather dissappointing. We haven't been for years and maybe we were expecting too much. Elephants didn't get let out until after lunch, there's no reptile house, no Gorillas, no sea lions but we did manage to pick a day when it appeared every school in the world was having therir end of term "Trip". Even saw our local primary school there. Think Im turning into a female "Victor Meldrew" ?!?!?!


This hot weather hasn't been doing us any favours business wise, but then I wouldn't want to eat a big meal in the heat( who am I kidding!)  People are already asking about Krampus, but I won't deal with it until after August bank holiday.

Looks like we won't have our annual trip to Austria in the Autumn, Fredi wants to get to grips with clearing the loft and other "building" related jobs and thinks that's the best time to do it. We will probably have a short break in the UK instead.

So hope that you're all enjoying the real summer this year and I look forward to you all slowly drifting back........

My "Blog readers" will be in shckk that I'm already blogging so quickly!!!

Just wanted to report on a very mixed week. Started with a very upsetting review on Trip Advisor, very personal and quite shocking for us, in the middle, a really good inspection by the Environmaental health, (should be getting good news on the score on the doors scheme!) and finishing with a weekend of loads of lovely, friendly, interesting customers,old and new, who made me feel OK again! Talk about a roller coaster!

I've just uploaded this years Krampus and Christmas menus, bookings are coming in already for Krampus. my plan is to contact everyone before we go away on the 8th October, however I was expecting weekday trade to have dropped off a bit by now, but it hasn't.... so fingers crossed that I can get all my plans completed before we go.I need to get the daily accounts up to date ready for the end of year accounts at the end of September!! This is starting to sound like "Mission impossible"! HELP!

Will b;log again when we get back from Austria ----- Tschüss!!!


Hi There! At last, after being made to feel guilty by guests who check this blog sometimes, a new post!!!

What happened to the weather this summer! Mind you ,   from a solely selfish perspective it meant we've had good business!!   BBQ's going rusty all around the place..... what a shame!

We've had two lots of Austrian visitors this year, one lot dropped lucky with the weather the other not.

We're off to the family in the autumn, check the news page for the exact dates. Krampus bookings are coming in even before i start phoning people, so that's good news too. Hoping our Krampus is still up to it this year, as he has now qualified for his pension!!!! Ho Ho!

Staff are doing OK at the moment, it's odd to have 3 relatively new girls at the same time we've always been used to having an "old girl" to rely on whilst the new ones"bed in " so to speak, however guests seem to like them, lots of nice feedback.   Trip Advisor reviews have been really lovely and helpful again this year, we received   a certificate of excellence through the post which was a great surprise.

Can't think of anything more that might be of interest, I aim to get the Christmas menus up dated by the end of this month, fingers crossed!



Seems like an age since I found time to "Blog"!! We have had a very busy summer, especialy August which is way up on last year ... so thanks to everyone who has been supporting us. Of course the slight down side on this is that we're both "cream crackered" certainly noticing that we're 23 years older than when we started out!

We've had 2 new girls start after being very badly let down by 2 sisters just before the summer started, seems to be going well although they are still at the basics stage, thank goodness for my "Kelly" who's been here for 4 years and is my stalwart.

Krampus bookings are starting to come in, hoping the weather holds this year and there's no need to cancel anything. I'm already looking forward to all the fun .. check the Xmas pages for details which I will amend in September. We've tried really hard to keep our prices down as much as possible but are having to put up Lamb prices on our main menu and Sunday lunch menu as it has just gone through the roof recently  ... sorry, but customers who know us will apreciate we only do this when absolutely necessary.

We have been welcoming lots of new customers via the website Trip Advisor, who have all been really nice and complimentary, we really apreciate the smashing comments in the Trip advisor website from customers old and new, when you've been somewhere a long time its great to know what you are doing is still liked and on the right road... thanks to everyone!

It's not just business that has stopped me blogging, with limited free time I have been using any spare moments to carry on with my greeting card making, I absolutely love it and will soon be starting the Xmas ones.

We will be having a short break in October, usual visit to Austria and then it'll be a clear run to the Krampus nights!

Hope to welcome you during the quieter Autumn period ... until then



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